FLAIR Strips as Effective as Lasix


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With the recent high profile disqualification in Australia resulting from lasix treatment within the withdrawal period it is timely to review work done at Kentucky Equine Research which showed a FLAIR strip & Lasix have the same effect on reducing EIPH ( Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage). The graph above shows the result of the study in which 8 thoroughbreds were sprinted for 2 mins on a treadmill, their lungs were washed to count the red blood cells giving an indication of the incidence of bleeding.

The result- oth Lasix & a FLAIR strip showed a TEN fold reduction in EIPH.

The problem with using Lasix is you have to replenish various minerals as Lasix is a diuretic and reduces fluid in your horse with the potential to create a mineral deficiency.

No such problems with a FLAIR strip so as well as reducing the incidence of EIPH your horse also benefits from a 3-5% energy saving.

It is a no brainer-use a LAIR strip for performance, protection and prevention